Wednesday, January 6, 2010

65 days until I'm 50

Turning 50 sounds like a big deal, like some milestone one should love or hate, but I don't feel one way or the other. What's wrong with me?  Am I in denial, or has it simply not hit me yet? 

I have no idea what to expect.

I've seen other people turn 50, and it's like watching people dance. Some look great doing it. You can tell they're having fun. They've got some moves and, to be honest,  you're a little envious.  Others try too hard. Some are graceful and quietly beautiful and, again, you're a little envious.  And some, God love them, are having the time of their lives, clueless and carefree about how they appear to the rest of us. After all, it's their 50th birthday--they've earned the right to do whatever they want. 

So tell me, what's in store? 


  1. YOU'RE a late bloomer??? I don't even know how I'm supposed to post this. Do I need some sort of account? PIN? CIA clearance?? What's a profile? You may be almost 50, but I feel almost a hundred when it comes to this stuff. Looking forward to more of your twits, tweets, twangs, twhatevers.

  2. I love your metaphor of dancing. You're always so good with the metaphors. Here's another one for you. I tend to think of aging as a simmering process. We start out kind of watery and diluted and as we continue to simmer (and sometimes boil), we become more concentrated, more distinct, more flavorful, and if we're lucky, caramelized!

    My short response to your first question above is that nothing is wrong with you. You have been a unique voice/soul for all the 34 years that I've known you (I'm including the years where we lost touch). Knowing you, what is in store for you is that you will continue to refine and perfect your Renée-ness, you'll look great doing it, and you'll continue to tell your uniquely flavorful story (with words and without) amazingly, as only you can. It will be a delight and an honor to have your companionship as we redefine what it means to be 50-year-old women.

  3. Miguelito,
    I don't know how to respond to you (literally) so I'm posting a comment and hoping that's proper protocol. I have no idea what I'm doing. Anyhoodle, thanks for reading! You have a LONG time to prepare for 50. (Won't be making that mistake again.) Love "twhatevers." And you're one up on Janice--she said she wanted to comment but chickened out. Even becoming a "follower" was too "nervous-making" for our little flower. Thanks for reading, mon ami!

    When I first read "diluted," my brain thought "deluded," and that made me smile. You write the most complimentary . . . compliments. Thank you, thank you, three bags full. I learned quite a bit from your editorial tutelage. About turning 50, last year your well-intended brother Jim was telling everyone they needed to remember my 50th. Too bad it was my 49th. Oh, those "best laid plans . . . and their "gang aft aglay-ing." Finally, thanks for offering your encouragement. Redefining 50 sounds like a great idea. Everything I've read sounds so either "hear me roar-ish" or "don't forget to botox-ish." Neither suit me. Oh, well. Really must go now. But quickly, before I do, I was telling a friend the other day about your anniversary video, and I got misty right there in our cafeteria. It still moves me. (The video, not the cafeteria.) Thanks again.