Thursday, January 14, 2010

49 Days Until I'm 50 but that's not really what this is about

Here's something that makes me feel old--I bought my very first I-thing--an I-Touch. Last night my husband Dick and tried to download I-Tunes which is ALLEGEDLY the first thing you have to do.

No such luck. We both suck at technical stuff. (And mechanical stuff. And math stuff. And lawn stuff. And reading maps. But we're really good at finding quality wine on sale, helping each other out and cracking each other up, so it all works out.)

Seriously, can you believe that there is no other I-thing in Chez Daniels? Or that my husband is the last remaining person besides my 78 year-old dad who doesn't have a cell phone? Truthfully, I love that about Dick. He is who he is, and he neither apologizes for or worries about what he doesn't know. He doesn't care that every time he borrows my phone, he has to ask how to use it.

Maybe HE should be my role model on aging gracefully or whatever you call it when men age without freaking out about it.

49 days. And counting

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