Wednesday, January 20, 2010

50 Days until I'm 50

Seems like something should happen today, what with the juxtaposition of 50 and 50. I'll let you know.

Something interesting DID happen last night, something that could have easily been avoided had I not sent a flurry of confusing e-mails about what night I was hosting Book Club. As a result, half the group showed up, and I wasn't even home.

Consequently, while my friend Pam and I were enjoying a poetry reading by two fine writers, Jo McDougal and Steve Paul, my friends Lois and Dee showed up at Chez Daniels, books in hand. Dick invited them in to check their calendars and try to figure out what happened. Our always-cluttered place, even more cluttered than usual, of course. My poor mother, Our Lady of Immaculate Housekeeping was, I'm sure, looking down on me and shaking her head with disapproval. (Sorry, Mom, but if you think my place is bad, you should see Jacquie's.)

Oh, and it gets even better. When Lois got up to leave, Dick saw something in her chair and went to retrieve it, thinking it was her cell-phone. "You forgot something," he said, before realizing it was one of my wayward black socks, you know the kind-- always shimmying out of the load of laundry you carry upstairs. What a graceful note to end on.

So book club is next Tuesday. I've got a lot of cooking, cleaning, wine-buying and kissing up to do. Wish me luck.

P.S. This just in--Thursday at 3, possible tooth extraction, likely root canal. The fun is just beginning . . . . .


  1. Hey-That "fifty/fifty" looks good! You're doing a countdown now, eh? 49 days you won't be 49? <:-)

    Btw-Make your typeface smaller. >:-)

  2. I knew I could count on you. I'll try to make it smaller, but i copied it from word. I'll see what i cn do. what abou the color?

  3. Sorry, Maria. Can't do it because I copied from a Word Doc. Will make it smaller next time. Thanks for your help.

  4. So, my burning technological question is this: That sock that Dick found, is it a Smart Sock, capable of surfing the web, getting and sending emails, etc., or is it just your basic sock that you use to make calls and occasionally send text messages? Can you hear me now - on that sock?

  5. Dental stress is tough. I know. Just be glad you're getting it out of the way now. Also, ibuprofen is really good for the pain afterward. Peace and strength be with you.

  6. Joy, stop, STOP!
    it hurts when i laugh. (Actually, not that you care, but it makes it a little funnier to me that it was one of those that just covers your toes--the kind that makes my chiropractor roll her eyes ask "why bother?" i think they are called Peds and I really love them.

    V is for Vicodin--
    It's my new friend.
    Off to the Nap Room
    and sweet dreams. The End.

  7. I'm home with a stupid cold today but if I'm in tomorrow (or YOU are), come on over and I'll show you which button to click to magically make all your text get smaller, larger, bolder, italic, whatever. I like the gray better than the pink. long as you're expecting fuss from me, I'd stick to just one typeface per post. I like the sans serif one better but other "Amost 50 but not quite" critics might disagree.

    Good luck with that root canal. Can't be as bad as the one my friend's father had when he was having one done in San Francisco during that big earthquake in the 80s? They had to finish it up in the parking lot!

  8. oh OW! I didn't know about your tooth. You poor thing :(

  9. ope only sweet little sweet-dream-tugboats are sailing down your pristine root canal, ms. daniels.
    i'd like to say i'm sorry you missed your book club while attending a poetry reading with me, but i'm not sorry at all. i say YEAH!!!! TAKE THAT BOOK CLUB!!!!! RENEE WAS WITH ME!!!!!!
    p.s. i LOVE your 50/50 logo!

  10. pamk--you are very, very funny. no wonder i asked you to go steady. hope neither gary nor dick mind. remind me to lend you "dirt" by jo m.
    it's lovely.

    the root canal is over. thank the lord in heaven above. i prayed like a muth during the whole thing. the asst asked if i was ok--'You alright, Hon? Your fingers are turning purple?" When I pray, Sister, I pray like there's no tomorrow. Pun totally intended.

    thanks everybody for caring. i was sure my face was going to be half-paralyzed but guess what? my smile is still as crooked as ever so yay for that.

    maria, get over your cold. hot toddies to wonders. just dump some honey and whiskey in a warm cup of lemonade. i'm telling you--it WORKS.

    bye, everybody. have great wknds.
    p.s. i don't even know how to comment on my own blog half the time. oh, well. i'm still learning.

  11. FYI-Maria will be changing your type color, font and size from now until the end of time. Just get use to it.

  12. Spoken like a true collaborator.