Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#3 In long-list of Do-Overs

I wish I'd never posted what I did yesterday.

Sometimes I misjudge what I think might be interesting
to other people

Another thing I wish I could do over
was trying a new "healthy" recipe for Roasted Cauliflower
with a Dijon Garlic viniagrette. It was tasty but not filling.
It would have been much more delicious had I not omitted the bacon, thereby
totally undoing the whole "healthy" idea.

Why can't anything healthy taste as good as everything unhealthy?

OK, back to trying to thing of another topic
to write about.

Let me know if you want the Roasted Cauliflower
recipe. (I know, Russ, you absolutely do NOT.).


  1. What can you possibly do to cauliflower to make it healthier? Slap it?

  2. good one. what i meant was i left out the bacon so there'd be less fat.
    but i do like the idea of using "well, slap my cauliflower" as a new expression. you know like "well, blow me down." come to think of it,
    i haven't heard "blow me down" since the last time I watched Popeye.
    Which leads me to spinach. Which leads me back to cauliflower. Full circle. Wait a minute. Who put acid in my coffee?

  3. your blog's comments are always a "must-read". :)

  4. Dp not believe anyone who tells you they have a recipe for cauliflower that tastes exactly like mashed potatoes. Bleh.

    Renee, your previous post was moving and meaningful to me. It just recently dawned on me that in all my bad relationships and decisions, everyone was probably doing the best they could. Well, a few notable exceptions, but most often mistakes are just mistakes. Except for the real bastards, some of whom we have both run into.

    Some people might say that all mistakes are good because they make us who we are today, etc. But there were a few doozies in my past that I'd just as soon tape over, to use a VHS reference that will reveal my advancing age.

    Your posts are a gift. And I think that people not commenting doesn't mean they're not interested. It may just mean they don't know what to say.

  5. I would like a do-over on that comment. I'm always too long-winded.

  6. and are afraid to say it anyway. thank you. for the other blog. as far as cauliflower. UGH does not expressed it enough. Now spinach at least taste good without bacon to muffle it. Makes a great salad. An addition to the cauliflower / mashed potato thought... how about people who try to tell you that turnips taste like potatoes. EW ew ew. What is WRONG with their taste buds? Although if they think that, perhaps they really don't need any chocolate cake either but would be perfectly happy with a piece of cardboard. They can have the turnips, I will eat their mashed potatoes. win win situation. Maybe there is happiness to be found here. : )
    thanks for writing. keep doing it. Someday when I am not embarrassed I will let you read mine if you want to.

  7. Renee Dear - It's allllll good. Realness + Renee = Major Good-ness. More, please.

  8. hey, molly, claudia and jeannie, thanks for reading. i didn't think anyone was really checking in anymore. i'm trying to alternate, as i told russ, do-over approaches--one where i get all strong and "oh, no you di'n't"
    with one where i admit a mistake. unfortunately, i keep thinking of the mistakey ones. i will try to think of a new thing during my sleep. my fear is that i've grown weary. stay tuned, though. don't give up on me yet.
    thank you, thank you, thank you. i thought i was the tree falling in the forest, not making a sound, so your comments mean a lot to me.